3.6 What is the factory edge angle and wax application on a new board?

When our boards leave the factory, the edge is always finished to a 90 degree angle. It is up to you, if you wish to tune the edge to your own preference or to prepare for riding in specific terrain/conditions.

A layer of factory wax is also applied to the base, but it is still advisable to wax and scrape a new board up to 3 times before riding it. This will greatly improve the base’s wax absorption capabilities, which is especially true for our sintered bases. Always remember to apply wax evenly to all three base panels, or remind your local shop staff to be aware of the 3BT shape before they service your board.

Of course, we also recommend waxing your base regularly throughout the season, to ensure that you never lose speed and can leave behind smooth tracks as you shred down the mountain!

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