4.2 How long does shipping take?

Generally speaking, you can count on shipping to take between 2-4 days from the moment it is sent out by our warehouse, until the shipment arrives at your doorstep. In some cases this may vary, depending on where you live.

As soon as the order is sent out from our warehouse you will receive a shipping confirmation email that will also contain the tracking link for your package.

You can use the tracking link to follow your delivery and anticipate the arrival of your order. Please be aware that once you have received the shipping confirmation email, this means that the order is in the hands of our shipping partners and we are no longer able to make changes to the delivery address or the shipment itself.

Should you need to make any changes to the shipping details, please make sure you contact the delivery company directly.

For all further details regarding our shipping policy, please read through the information on our relevant policy pages.

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