5.4 How do I know if the damage to my product is covered under warranty?

We provide a 3 year limited guarantee against manufacturing defects for all boards and apparel items, while binding high backs, heel hoops, base plates and discs are covered under lifetime warranty.

Therefore, the first thing you should think about, if you don’t know whether your product is covered under warranty, is how long ago you purchased it. Your warranty is only valid for 3 years after you make the purchase and is always counted from the date listed on the original proof of purchase receipt. For bindings this may vary.

Next, if there was any sort of impact, misuse of the product or negligence that caused the damage, it is not covered under warranty. Damages due to the natural wear and tear of the product are also not covered. This applies to boards, apparel products as well as bindings.

If you aren’t sure about something or want to get some damage checked out by our warranty team, it never hurts to send in a complete warranty claim and get some feedback from our Rider Support team. You can inform yourself about our warranty policy and submit a warranty claim at any time, right here.

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